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Marketellos Consult is an IT and Business Process Consulting services company in
Ghana that strives for excellence, encourages innovations and new directions &
strategies in the pursuit of finding business solutions.

Marketellos Consult is set up by a group of IT Specialists and Accountants with several years of experience in providing business process solutions and deals with all kinds of IT business solutions.

We are always at the forefront of offering IT-driven business solutions with the company that strives for excellence, encourages innovations and new directions & strategies in the constantly changing business and global political landscape.

We pledge our commitment to help our prospects and customers to improve their operational efficiencies by developing practical IT solutions from a business perspective leading to optimized business processes for total customer satisfaction and cost reduction.

Our Services & Products

1.    Consulting Services

•    Business process improvement
•    Multi-unit operations management
•    Business and requirements analysis
•    Project management
•    Cost-benefit analysis
•    Employee training and development    
•    Data Analysis & Reporting
•    Expert in MS Office Suite
•    Six Sigma and Quality Assurance
•    Business Operations Support
•    IT Consulting
•    Accounting Information Systems 
•    HR & Payroll Services

2.    Training Services
Our Training areas include  
•    Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook,
•     Accounting Software (QuickBooks and Tally), 
•    Basic Programming Skills in PHP and C#
•    Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL Database scripting for Accountants and IT Personnel
•    Data capturing and storage
•    Office backups and Risk Mitigations

3.    Software Products 
•    Accounting Software 
•    Insurance Broking Software
•    Point of Sale Systems 
•    Customized Application Development
•    HR and PayRoll Software
•    Church Management Systems
•    Mailing Systems and Document Management

4.    Research Services
•    Customer Survey
•    Market Survey
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Get Covered

Risk & Insurance Products

Motor Insurance

There are various Motor Vehicles insurances for all categories of vehicles - Cars, Trucks, Tankers, Pick Ups and Forklifts.

Home Owners Comprehensive

This policy insures your company against loss or damage to property as a direct result of fire out break, lightning or explosion.

Group Life Policy/Personal Accident

The policy is suitable for Executive or Senior personnel of your company or organization.

Life Insurance Policy

Life assurance is a contract between the policy owner and the insurer, where the insurer agrees to pay an agreed sum of money upon the occurrence of the insured person's death in return for the payment of a premium.

Professional Indemnity

Without professional indemnity companies and individual professionals expose themselves and run the risk of being sued for all sorts of claims.

Public Liability Insurance

Your public liability insurance policy will cover your legal liability to pay damages in the event of a third party (member of the public) sustaining bodily injury

Workmen's Compensation

The workers' compensation system was established to provide an expeditious administrative program to provide benefits to the injured worker

Personal Insurances

Whether for your house, contents, vehicles or personal properties, WESTOM Insurance Brokers can help you to create bespoke solutions for your personal insurance need

Enterprise Living Plus Plan

The Enterprise Living Plus Plan is a “one-stop life insurance solution product” specifically designed to meet both the death and survival needs of the middle-class market.

Group Funeral

The objective of this plan is to insure the obligations of the employer in the unlikely event of an employee's death.



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