Insurance Companies In Ghana

Insurance Companies In Ghana

The GHANA INSURERS ASSOCIATION (GIA) has noted that a section of the general and insuring public has erroneous perception as to the credibility, robustness and reputation of some Insurance Companies operating in Ghana. The GIA wishes to state the following for the information of all that:

  1. Under the Insurance Act (2006), ACT 724, insurance in Ghana is a regulated industry;
  2. The National Insurance Commission (NIC) is the only body mandated to determine the status of insurance companies in Ghana in accordance with the Law;
  3. The NIC recently published the list of insurance companies in good standing which the GIA has herein reproduced for the attention of the general and insuring public. Copies of these can be found on the NIC and GIA websites – and respectively;
  4. Insurance Companies in accepting Risks, work closely with well-resourced and rated Local and International Reinsurance Companies
  5. Insurance Companies listed in the NIC’s Publication are companies to which the NIC deems as Credible, Robust and Reputable as well as in Good Standing.
The GIA therefore wishes to encourage the general and insuring public to continue doing business with any of these companies listed in the NIC publication for the needed peace of mind. NIC LICENSED INSURANCE COMPANIES LIFE
  1. African Life
  2. Allianz Life
  3. A-Plus Insurance Co.
  4. Beige Assure
  5. Donewell Life Insurance Company
  6. Enterprise Life Assurance Company
  7. First Insurance Company Limited
  8. Ghana Life Insurance Company
  9. Ghana Union Assurance Life Company
  10. Glico Life Insurance Company
  11. GN Life Assurance Limited
  12. Hollard Life
  13. Metropolitan Life Insurance Ghana Ltd.
  14. Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (Ghana) Limited
  15. Phoenix Life Assurance Company
  16. Prudential Life Insurance Ghana Limited
  17. Quality Life Assurance Company
  18. Saham Life Insurance Ghana Limited
  19. SIC Life Company Limited
  20. Starlife Assurance Company
  21. UT Life Insurance Company
  22. Vanguard Life Assurance Company
  1. Activa International Insurance Company Ghana
  2. Allianz Insurance Company Ghana Limited
  3. Best Assurance Co. Ltd.
  4. Donewell Insurance Company Limited
  5. Enterprise Insurance Company Limited
  6. Equity Assurance Company Limited
  7. Ghana Union Assurance Limited
  8. Glico General Insurance Company Limited
  9. GN Insurance Company Limited
  10. Heritage Energy Insurance Company Ltd.
  11. Hollard Insurance Ghana Limited
  12. Imperial General Assurance Company Limited
  13. Loyalty Insurance Company Limited
  14. Millennium Insurance Company Limited
  15. Multi Insurance Company Ltd.
  16. NSIA Ghana Insurance Company Limited
  17. Phoenix Insurance Company Limited
  18. Prime Insurance Company Limited
  19. Priority Insurance Company Limited
  20. Provident Insurance Company Limited
  21. Quality Insurance Company Limited
  22. Regency-NEM Insurance (Ghana) Limited
  23. Saham Insurance Ghana Limited
  24. Serene Insurance Company Limited
  25. SIC Insurance Company Limited
  26. Star Assurance Company Limited
  27. Unique Insurance Company Limited
  28. Vanguard Assurance Company Limited
  29. Wapic Insurance (Ghana) Limited
  1. Ghana Reinsurance Company
  2. GN Reinsurance
  3. Mainstream Reinsurance

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