Bankers Indemnity Insurance


The policy indemnifies the insured for all losses sustained and discovered in the manner described here below within the period of insurance.


Cover under this involves all financial or material losses resulting directly from one or more dishonest or fraudulent acts committed by employees.


The cover here involves loss of financial property through burglary, robbery, hold-up, mysterious or unexplained disappearance, false pretence or being destroyed or misplaced whilst on the premises within the period of insurance.


This covers loss, damage, destruction, theft, misplacement, mysterious disappearance whether by negligence or fraud of employees to cash whilst in transit anywhere within the country.


This section covers of the policy covers losses resulting from the forgery of or alteration of or on any cheques drafts, acceptances, securities, withdrawal orders etc.


This cover losses arising from receipt by the insured in good faith of any counterfeited or altered paper currency or coins.


This covers loss of or damage following burglary/ robbery (but not fire) to

  1. Furnishings, fixtures and equipments,
  2. Offices of the bank including vandalism to the office.

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Risk & Insurance Products

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Bankers Indemnity Insurance

The policy indemnifies the insured for all losses sustained and discovered in the manner described here below within the period of insurance.

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