Empowering Your Business With M-Broker Software Application.

Empowering Your Business With M-Broker Software Application.

M-Broker 4.3.20 is an innovative Insurance Broking Management System that was specifically designed for the independent insurance broker or agent.


It is a complete management system designed to handle all aspects of running your insurance broking or agency  from tracking your policy renewals to working your expiration list and everything in between.


The software offers many distinguishing features that will provide accurate information for effective decision making leading to increase in efficiency and reduction in cost.The fully automated system tracks all the insurance brokerage transactions and ensures quick accurate reports activities, policy performance and profitability


By presenting all the information you need in a user-friendly format, M-Broker allows your users unlimited access to a client’s profile with just a click of a button.There are eight main modules;

  1. 1.Setups/Utilities Maintenance: (setting up initial parameters etc)
  2. 2.Client Maintenance: (Client details, contacts, referrals, industry etc)
  3. 3.Policy Maintenance: (Policy information)
  4. 4.Debit/Credit Processing: (Debits notes, credit notes, payments, outstanding)
  5. 5.Claims Maintenance: (Register a claim and its status)
  6. 6.Marketing Modules:(Schedules, Meetings and Tasks)
  7. 7.Reports: (All forms for decision making and ensuring higher visibilities into operations
  8. 8.Accounts (Revenue and Expenses, Customers, Suppliers,Payables , Receivables, Ledgers)'



Figure 7.0

The policy maintenance module helps with underwritings, setting up of policy details of a customer. M-Broker is easy to use so you stay organized and save time when searching for policy information.


Each customer record includes information such as name, address, line of business, company, policy number, Products, phone number, email address, effective and expiration dates and policy status. You can search for customers by these fields for quick access to payment histories and much more.


An end user can find a policy by a client name, client ID, policy number, vehicle number. Figure 7.0 above illustrate the form for finding a policy. Listings in red color means they have expired, green means due for renewals and black color means policies are in force 


This module helps to maintain claims reported by clients

  • Capture claims notified and issue a claim number;
  • Run report on outstanding claims and their status.

 Printable reports can be generated highlighting client-name, nature of loss, policy type, date of loss, date reported to broker, reported date to insurance company, amount lost, and status of the claim in addition to others. 


Monitor your production, income, and staff performance. Our numerous reports will give you the information you need to capitalize on valuable trends.


You can run reports to identify the number of new or renewed policies for a specified time frame, producer or line of business; monitor commissions received and outstanding, premiums written and commissions; track referral sources and many more.


The report module handles various reports and more can be added upon request to meet business demands for decision making. Production can be classified under premium generated, premium paid, premium outstanding, commission generated, commission received and commission outstanding




  • Improved brokerage management
  • Better revenue reporting
  • Quick Policy Reviews and Due date reminders
  • Reduced paper work and administration costs
  • Better Policy Cover management
  • Easy and Quick Business Reporting
  • User Performance Reporting




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